Delivery and payment terms

Business Plan Delivery and Payment Terms


Phase I: Scope of work (1 to 18). I usually deliver the first draft within one week (including weekends) of the signing of NDA and contract. If for some reason, I am running behind my schedule, I will let you know as soon as I can.

Phase II: Scope of work (19 and 20), financial projections of the business plan. I usually deliver phase II within one week (including weekends) after the approval of Phase I deliverables. I deliver the final documents in word and excel format.

Payment terms:

At least 50% advance*, before the commencement of phase I and signing of contract and NDA.

Remaining, before the commencement of phase II and approval of phase I.


Two rounds of revisions are included in the price for business plan writing, as long as the revisions are within the agreed scope of work. Any additional work or change in the scope of the business plan after delivering the final draft would be billable per hour, and a new timeline will be agreed upon.

* advance payment is subject to change based on the complexity of the business idea.