What to Expect When Writing a Business Plan with Me

What to Expect When Writing a Business Plan with Me

You’ve probably already read my post on the top five reasons to hire a business plan writer. Well, read on for a logistical rundown of what to expect when the chosen business plan writer is me.

Initial discussion on price, deliverables, and scope of work. Whether it is in person or virtually, our first meeting will help us flush out these details. Nothing shortens the road to an excellent business plan, like a mutual understanding of what is expected and what can realistically be delivered.

Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA). You and your team can choose to sign before the questionnaire if you prefer. Otherwise, it can be completed alongside the Business Plan Service Contract. The NDA is a great way for everyone to feel protected when discussing ideas and plans. You’ve finally got your entrepreneurial wheels in motion, and nothing is worse than feeling as though your creativity or personal information is at risk. Signing the NDA ensures all information shared or discussed remains confidential.

Business Plan Questionnaire: This will help me deliver a great business planning service. The questionnaire has twenty quick questions. You do not have to answer every question. Just answer the ones that are relevant to your business.

Business Plan Service Contract (if NDA is already signed). Our Service Agreement will set out the relationship between you, the business receiving the services, and me, the business plan service provider. This contract will clarify, in writing, the terms of our agreement, including the services to be provided, how and when the services will be provided, and payment details regarding the services. It is a way to prevent potential misunderstandings or disputes arising throughout the term of the entire agreement.

First deposit to start the first phase of the business plan. This includes everything except financial projections. 

Second deposit to start the second phase of the business plan. This includes the financial projection, one of the most specific and essential components of the business plan and one that requires particular insight and transparency into your company. This is another reason the peace of mind NDA is in place.

Update and midpoint check-in. I will update you with the progress mid-way during both phases of the business plan writing project.

Follow-up call after receiving the business plan questionnaire. This is a call to see how things are progressing regarding the questionnaire. I’m here to craft your most effective business plan and offer as much support as possible.

Note: For PNP Immigration Business Plans, the first phase is the business concept, and the second phase is the final business plan after ITA is received. 

Payment and finalization. In terms of payments, I accept both interac (e-transfer) and cheques. (No credit card payment at this time).

As a business plan expert, I am always more than happy to offer two revisions included in the price, as long as we stick with the agreed business idea and the vision has not morphed too substantially. If the business idea does change, a new quote will be provided. I will deliver a final copy of the Business Plan in Microsoft Word and Excel format, easy to show and discuss with the team and user-friendly for presentations to potential investors. If you need any complex design files, I will be happy to chat and involve one of my graphic designer friends to help us with converting the business plan documents into design files. If you have any questions about my affordable business plan writing services, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me. 


As a freelance business plan writer, Kapil Munjal offers a customized business plan writing service for clients worldwide. He works with individuals and businesses to create professional business plans for bank loans, investors, landlords (retail property), government grants, and Canadian & US immigration. He has been writing business plans since 2011. Kapil holds an MBA from the University of British Columbia.